Feelings are timeless / Los sentimientos son atemporales

31 de octubre de 2011

Art is the way for humans to express their feelings in a beautiful (though beauty is so subjective) way. 
I´ve had the chance and the luck to see the most exquisite art work, but never connected to an artist as much as I do with Frida Kahlo. About her there are so many things to say and that have been said and written, even a movie (by Salma Hayek) was done in her honor, for all those who don´t know her I strongly recommend you google her or at least watch her movie if you are too lazy for reading. 

Today I found a postcard of my favorite piece by Frida Kahlo, called "The two Fridas",  this painting is at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City. The first time I saw live this painting was a couple months after I came back from Argentina, I would never forget how much I connected to the painting, its a feeling that like "somehow" the painting expressed what I was feeling at the time. Why do I constantly feel I always have two sides? Am I the only crazy person that after a bad break up feels the painting perfectly express how much it hurts? I love how both Fridas are one heart broken but wearing her "gala outfit" and her face expression shows she is feeling nothing at all, though she is bleeding inside. The Frida at the right of the painting is colorful, traditionally mexican, powerful but yet connected to the other who is in pain for love, in my opinion because she gave in too much.  

I used to tell an exboyfriend (I don´t remember if I ever told him or just always thought about it) that there was a Frida Kahlo painting who described my feelings for him; intense but always bleeding inside.

Las dos Fridas, Frida Kahlo, 1939. 

The paint was done in 1939, in 2011 we live surrounded by different technologies, different societies but human nature is still the same. 

Feelings are timeless. 



El arte es la manera en que los seres humanos expresamos nuestro sentir de una forma bella (aunque la belleza sea subjetiva). He tenido la suerte de ver las obras de arte más interesantes y famosas del mundo, pero con ninguna he sentido una conexión tan fuerte como con las obras de Frida Kahlo.

Normalmente, traduzco tal cual mi blog de inglés a español pero esta vez solo voy a seguir escribiendo en español porque me esta viniendo mucho inspiración, así que si entiendes ambos idiomas te estarás dando cuenta que el post en español es más largo que en inglés.

Regresando a la obra de Frida, hay muchas cosas que podría decir, miles de fuentes que podría citar para hablar de ella, de su trabajo, de su vida, pero esta vez quiero hablar de una obra en particular que me robo el aliento la primera vez que la vi en el Museo de Arte Moderno en la ciudad de México.
La obra se llama "Las dos Fridas", la pintó en 1939, cuando regresó de Paris por seguir a Diego Rivera y él le pidió el divorcio. Cuando vi la pintura no sabía la historia detrás de ella, sin embargo recuerdo muy bien lo conectada que me senti con el cuadro. Es como si lo que sentía también me hubiera pasado a mí o más bien es como si yo pudiera pintar mi sentir lo haría así.

Me encanta la fuerza, y el sentimiento detrás de la pintura, la Frida de la izquierda esta vestida de gala, luciendo un semblante sobrio pero sangrando por dentro. ¿Soy la única loca que se ha sentido así después de terminar o cerrar un ciclo? Ya sea con una pareja, etapa de tu vida, etc. La Frida de la derecha es muy mexicana, sencilla pero poderosa, con temple, con carácter pero siempre conectada a la otra.

Tuve un novio al que siempre le decía que había una obra de arte que expresaba perfectamente lo que sentía por el; intenso pero siempre sangrando por dentro.

La pintura se realizó en 1939, desde ese entonces vivimos en otra sociedad, hay grandes avances tecnológicos, científicos pero la naturaleza humana a pesar de los años sigue siendo la misma.

Los sentimientos son atemporales.


Fashion doesn't mean Vuitton, Dolce or Gucci. (Part 1)

26 de octubre de 2011

Don't get me wrong! I love Vuitton, Dolce and Gucci, but unless ur very passionate about fashion, it's really hard to stay updated and aware of up-and-coming designers. It takes hours of research, traveling and of course, passion for the topic. 

I may have mentioned this before in the blog, but my second job in Milan was at the best PR agency for up-and-coming designers. It was there that I had the chance to meet and work with these extraordinary future fashion icons. 

Working there inspired me to keep researching and understand the importance of their contributions and fresh ideas. 

Born in Istanbul on June 26, 1976, Erkan has always loved fashion. He received a Masters in Fashion Design at Domus Academy, Milan (yep! we went to the same school). Erkan has worked in Milan for several cutting-edge Italian brands.
In 2009, he started to develop his ideas under the brand name Erkan Coruh with a team in his atelier, which also collaborated with artists. In March 2010, he launched his first Autumn/Winter 2010 Men and Women's wear start-up collection, “The Men & Women of Allah”, in Milan.
His second collection, “Shirin” was presented at Rome Fashion Week at the AltaRoma and Vogue Italia "Who Is On Next" competition where he was selected as the winner for the Women’s Ready-To-Wear portion of the competition.
For Erkan, "fashion is an indivual journey through creativity to achieve sophisticated beauty."
Besides being a wonderful designer he is a kind and noble human being. It was a pleasure meeting and working with him. 

She is a very young and talented Italian accessories designer. 
This video will explain everything about her and her enormous creativity. 

3. Arnaldo Battois 

Behind the label Arnoldo][Battois, there are two stylists from Venice: Silvano Arnoldo and Massimiliano Battois. 
In 2001, armed with the professional experience acquired through various years of work, they took on the challenge to create clothing and accessories with their own label and to test their marketability by opening a shop in Venice.
The clothing and accessories that they produced were made from highly specialized craftsmanship from the Riviera of Brenta. 

They participated in "Who Is On Next?" in 2010, an international competition organized by Vogue Italia and AltaRoma, and they were among the three finalists in the accessories category.
In September they showed the SS 2011 collection during Milan Fashion Week, at the event organized by Vogue Italy and Vogue USA in Palazzo Morando, in the presence of Anna Wintour, Franca Sozzani, and the most important names in the fashion industry.

If you want a unique and stylish but also high fashion and hand crafted bag, you definitely must check out these designers.

Spring Summer Collection 2012 


¡No me entiendan mal! Saben que adoro Vuitton, Dolce o Gucci pero a menos que te apasione la moda, es muy difícil estar al día y actualizado de los nuevos talentos y diseñadores emergentes. Créanme que toma horas de investigación, viajes y por supuesto mucha sentirte profundamente apasionado sobre este tema. 

Tal vez lo mencioné alguna vez en el blog, pero mi segundo trabajo en Milán fue en la mejor agencia de PR del mundo para los nuevos diseñadores, ahí tuve la oportunidad de trabajar y conocer con la gente más talentosa y recientemente descubierta en el mundo de a moda, en pocas palabras los futuros íconos de la moda. 
Trabajar ahí me dejó el hábito de investigar quiénes eran estos diseñadores y lo invaluable que es su aportación y frescura en la moda. 

Estos diseñadores son claro ejemplo de lo anterior. 

1. Erkan Çoruh 

¿Qué les parecieron? Les recomiendo que entren a sus páginas, voy a seguir subiendo información y nombres de otros diseñadores que valen mucho la pena. 

ex boyfriends!

20 de octubre de 2011

Recently I had to share my wisdom about ex-boyfriends when some friends asked me for advice.  I thought it was also good material to also share with you  so I made a post out of it. 
I'm a true believer in the idea that it's pointless to remain "friends."  Close that door and open a window!
Look at yourself in the mirror and see how beautiful, powerful and smart you are. It's normal to be sad for a few days but after? Pain is normal, suffering is optional. 
And always remember, when things are meant to be ... they just happen! No drama, dilemmas, or lies involved.

My 5 rules about exboyfriends:

1. Never ever, accept to go out with him when he still has feelings for you ( or viceversa).

2. Do not accept dinner and/or drinks. Alcohol plus nostalgia = trouble.

3. “It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone.” ― Marilyn Monroe

4. You tend to forget why you broke up with him (or viceversa).  Make a list and look at it every time he calls, you feel like calling, or you find something that reminds you about those days when you were together. 

5. If you don't wear secondhand clothes ... why should you date secondhand men? 

Drop a line or share your stories ... I'm starting to think I should write a book after this post. :) 

This post is dedicated to my dearest cousin Ñi. 


Español :
Últimamente he tenido que compartir mi sabidurìa sobre exnovios, pues mis amigas me han pedido consejos. Pensé que serìa buen material para escribir un post. 

Soy de la firme opinión que es inútil seguir siendo "amigos". ¡Cierra esa puerta y abre una ventana! 

Mírate en el espejo y ve lo bonita, poderosa e inteligente que eres. Es normal estar triste pero después de unos días cómo te sientes? El dolor es normal sufrir es opcional. 
Y recuerda que cuando las cosas tienen que ser ... ¡Simplemente se dan! Sin dramas, sin dilemas, sin mentiras ... 

Mis 5 reglas sobre los exnovios:

1. No aceptes salir con el si todavía hay sentimientos de por medio (tuyos o viceversa) 
2. No vayas a cenar o por drinks. Alcohol + nostalgia = problemas
3. "Es mejor ser infeliz solo que infeliz acompañado" Marylin Monroe
4. Tendemos a olvidar tooooooooooooooooooodas las cosas por las que terminaste. ¡Haz una lista! De verdad a mí estas listas me han cambiado LA VIDA. 
5. Si no usas ropa de segunda ... ¿Porqué vas a salir con un hombre de segunda? 

Escríbeme un comment o tus preguntas. Estoy segura que hay historias buenísimas ... Después de este post creo que puedo empezar a escribir un libro del tema :) 

Este post va dedicado a mi prima Ñi. 


Paris Fashion Week SS 12 ... Front row shoes

16 de octubre de 2011

o    For all those who don't know in Fashion being sitted "front row" means you are a person that must be seen before, during and after the show. Means you are important to the designer PR team as they want the brand to be associated to you, they want to get a good review from you or simply to get more media coverage. Celebrities, journalists, bloggers, vip guests sitting front row put together always amazing looks and specially shoes, they know they will be photographed and those images will be seen worldwide.

This season my favorite shoes were at Paris Fashion Week. 
Of course and as usual I am in love of my Fashion Mother Godess Anna dello Russo  though this time Sophia Neophitou from 10 Magazine wore an A M A Z I N G pair of blue shoes at the Louis Vuitton show.

Have a look at my favorite front row shoes ... 

“A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left.” ― Marilyn Monroe

" A wise girl ... 

kisses but doesn't love 

Christopher Kane 

listens but doesn´t belive, 

and leaves before she is left.”

By Marilyn Monroe

Animal print

10 de octubre de 2011

I love animal print, though if you dont combine it with the right clothes ... you can be a walking mess! 
I like to combine it with solid colors. 

Forever 21 
Photo source forever21.com

Miu Miu 
Photo Source netaporter.com

Stella McCartney for Adidas 
Photo source netaporter.com

Roberto Cavalli 
Photo Source netaporter.com

Dolce & Gabbana 
Photo source netaporter.com

Where should I eat?

5 de octubre de 2011

It’s a fact that eating makes me happy.  My love for food is second only to shoes.  One of the things I love most about my country is, of course, THE FOOD!  Mexican cuisine is definitely one of the best in the world (dare I even say, THE best), and trust me, I’ve been all over the world, from fancy restaurants to little improvised food stands in the street. 

People usually ask me where to go or eat in Mexico or other cities around the world. 

So here my first list of the best places EVER to eat. You are gonna love me after you visit them. 
1. Kleins (México)

It’s a cafeteria in the heart of Polanco (in Mexico City).  The crowd is composed of families and groups of friends that want to grab a quick but tasty bite to eat. 

Ask for:
a) Enchiladas verdes
b) Bisteces Macuarros 
c) Huevos San Marcos 
d) Vanilla milkshake 
e) Hot cakes dollar con nuez
f) Bagel de quesos 

Every time i go to NY I gotta go there. 
The lamb ramen is awesome , plus no tourists at all, though I strongly recommend u to make a reservation as it might be crowded. 
Great choice if you partied like a rockstar the night before. 

Photo Source: http://www.reallygoodfood.org/2009/08/10/momofuku-noodle-bar-nyc/

If you love chocolate then this place is equal to heaven. 
I dont know if its a coincidence but the waiters are good looking every time I go.
Awesome fro brunch and breakfast. I can't recommend something in particular as Im in love of all the menu. 

Photo Source:http://nymag.com/restaurants/reviews/underground/19680/

After two years in Italy DEFINITELY the best "pizzeria" I ever went is this one. 
Its on a shitty Napoli neighborhood and you have to wait like an hour to have a seat but ITS WORTH IT. The crowd is mostly composed by families, couples, or people who would go by themselves just to eat this amazing pizza. 

5. Da Maruzzela 
The second best "pizzeria" EVER. It's in Porta Venezia in Milan.
I had a dinner date every sunday with my best friend Fernando there. I think we tried the whole menu at least once. 
I recommend: 
a) Pizza pescatore 
b) Pizza salame picante 
c) Bruschetta 
The hostess is a cute fatty grandpa from Napoli, you better show him your biggest and best smile or he will make you wait hours before you have a seat. 

Overpriced tacos but SO GOOD. 
I've been going to this place since I am 4 years old. 
Can't miss: 
a) Farolada con carne
b)Tacos de carnitas 
c)Volcan con carne 
d)Special sauce 

My second home when I lived in Buenos Aires. 
The best grill of the city, very casual, home made argentinan food. 
Can't miss: 
a) Lomito con queso
b) Choripan 
c) Bife 
d) Salsa arriera 

Used to have dinner here with my best friends at least once a week ... good times!

8) La Conchita del Caribe (in Cozumel, Mexico) 
I have so many nice things to say about this restaurant! It is definitely the best sea food I have ever tried.
If you ever go to Cozumel you will regret not having lunch there.
I love:
a) Ceviche
b) Camarones empanizados
c) Lobster

You can thank me later!

Julia y Renata SS 12

2 de octubre de 2011

Cuando la gente me hace comentarios negativos acerca de la industria de la moda en México, siempre les pregunto si conocen a Julia y Renata. Para mí ellas son el ejemplo perfecto de gente con talento, visión y perseverancia. Siempre proponiendo, ya sea en confección, en tendencias,  en conceptos,  son diseñadoras que cada estación aportan y marcan pauta en la semana de la moda en México o en cualquier pasarela internacional a las que las invitan. 

Esta temporada no fue la excepción. A mi gusto definitivamente fue la mejor pasarela de esta edición del Mercedes Benz DFashion Spring Summer 2012. 
La inspiración de esta colección viene de la Secesión de Viena, movimiento que encabezó Gustav Klimt (autor del famosa obra "El beso"), lograron ejecutar en una paleta de colores musgo, naranja, calabaza, gris, azul marino y blanco a base de líneas simples y siluetas holgadas 25 looks que nos dejaron sin lugar a duda un excelente sabor de boca, pero sobre todo la esperanza latente de que en México si hay diseñadores de talla internacional. 

When people make negative comments to me about the fashion industry in Mexico, I always ask them if they know Julia and Renata.  To me, they are the perfect example of people with talent, vision, and perseverance.  Always suggesting, whether in tailoring, trends, or concepts, they are designers who, every season, contribute to and mark the guidelines in Mexican fashion week or at any international runway show to which they are invited. 

This season was no exception.  In my opinion, it was definitely the best runway show of this edition of Mercedes Benz DFashion Spring Summer 2012.   The inspiration for this collection comes from the Austrian Civil War, a movement headed by Gustav Klimt (of the famous work “The Kiss”), and which they were able to execute in a color palette comprising of moss, orange, pumpkin, grey, navy blue, and white, with simple lines and silhouettes.  It goes without saying that the 25 looks left us, without a doubt, with an excellent taste in our mouths.  Above all, it left us with a latent hope that, in Mexico, there are designers of international magnitude.  


1 de octubre de 2011

Una de mis tareas antes era Relaciones Públicas. Obviamente quiero que sea en las mejores revistas, estas fueron del mes pasado.