Socks suck?

28 de marzo de 2011

Lo primero que me viene en mente cuando escribo este post es mi mama diciéndome; ¿Te vas a poner eso? ¡Los zapatos abiertos NUNCA se usan con calceta! 

Es una tendencia rara que vuelve con más fuerza esta temporada, siendo bien utilizada puede verse muy cool, pero eso sí es un trend que no todas podemos llevar porque si se hace de manera incorrecta lucirás seguramente muy mal o muy "La Chimoltrufia style"

En europa lo veo muchísimo, sobre todo con medias con zapatos abiertos, pero el efecto que las calcetas dan a las piernas es diferente al de las medias. Este trend va muy bien de primavera u otoño, estaciones en las que no hace ni frio ni calor, definitivamente la clave esta en combinar muy bien la textura y el estilo tanto de las calcetas como de los zapatos. 


                                            Fuente: The Sartorialist 



¿Se atreven a usarla? 

Is curvy the new fat?

20 de marzo de 2011

Before writing this post I am trying to put behind all my "fat chick" trauma and try to be objective when approaching this subject, as setting a standard of what does fat, skinny, model type skinny, normal, etc mean is so complicated to explain now a days. 

The classic cliché size 4 is the new 2 , 2 is the new zero ... is it true?

In my personal opinion and as being closer to the fashion scene (specially in Milan) all those news that models are thicker and healthier on the runway  is A BIG FAT LIE. During fashion week, I am so close to wake up earlier on castings and runway days and bring this kids a sandwich. The sad part is, I've heard stylists say "No, we can take her, she is too fat" ... Are they for real?
I even remember once a  dear male model friend told me John Varvatos said to him he was not good for the show as he was fat! ( and my friend is mind blowing good looking and so NOT FAT at all!) 
Not to wonder why has a section for "Curvy" girls ... Can someone please on the name of God tell me what does curvy mean? I see the "curvy" models and they are just regular mortals with a pretty face, whose thighs are not the same size as their arms (as runway models usually do). Why make a distinction for curvy? Isn't being curvy part of a woman's nature? Don´t men prefer to have sex with a "curvy" girl? And by curvy I mean a regular, normal girl. Isn't it a bit cruel to have a section on a fashion magazine for "curvy" women, and isn't it even worst the models featured in that section are not even curvy? What makes a girl curvy? That she is not 15 kilograms under her normal weight? 

I get the whole point about that designers want the clothes show more than the model, but in that case darlings USE MANNEQUINS!
No to wonder why do we have our concept of skinny, fat, curvy, healthy, etc distorted. Thats why girls get so obsessed with being skinny (me in the top of that list) , as a matter of fact is coming to my mind this super skinny girl I met in Rome who will not eat a carb EVER and the few times I've seen her she will say something about how she never eats carbs or how fat she is getting, when she is a skeleton walking, but no wonder why she thinks and acts that way if fashion sells us the idea that pretty equals skinny. 

Why do all top models are so hot? Cause they have curvy bodies! Why do men are crazy for a Kim Kardashian/Beyonce body type of girl? Simple, cause they have a woman's body. Back in the day when the supermodel boom started, they were not as the models we see on the runway today, not at all. 

Below a picture of where they show according to them a "curvy" model, for them this girl is a plus size girl. 

Now an example of what a regular size girl looks like: 

This fashion week in Milan Elena Miró models were called "plus size models" meaning by the media fat of course, below a picture of her last show: 

Elena Mirò, Milan a/i 11-12

 Does this girl looks fat to you? Doesn't she look like a normal, pretty and healthy girl? Now let's have a look of what a not "plus size model looks: 

Albino spring 2011
Photo Source: 

So dear friends all around the world lets not worry if we are not size 0 , the beauty standards fashion imposes are not real, in order for us to aspire achieving them. 

Leave a comment please, I am very interested in your opinion about this post. 

And go eat some carbs! hahaha a few a day wont kill you.

Daya Ruiz @lamodaya 

When do people decide to get married?

17 de marzo de 2011

A couple days ago I received an email that made me almost cry, and they weren't bad news at all, it was from one of my best friends asking me to me one of her bridesmaids. Of course I accepted immediately, how could I say no? Its always a pleasure for me and an honor when my dearest friends invite me to be part of such an important day. But as usual I started wondering about weddings, but most of all I can't stop thinking ... When is it that a couple decides to get married? Of course I'm NO ONE to have an authorized opinion on this matter  but I have plenty of friends who are already married or going to soon. 
First of all, I am true believer in real love "Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love" like that quote from Sex and the City, but I guess and know from personal experience that after some "hot months" the love euphoria is over and comes the turn of really knowing each other, to pass from romance to reality. 
But my question still remains, when does a couple decides to get married? Do they just wake up one day and say lets get married? I remember a friend one's said "You just feel it, it feels right" .  I guess it feels like when you have a gorgeous but expensive pair of shoes infront of you, you just feel u want them forever, it feels right. Well , as I dont think the marriage is coming anytime soon to my life, tomorrow I will go to Prada to start practicing the feeling. 

This post is with all my love to Paulina Aguirre Angulo, one of the best friends I've ever had. You deserve not only all the happiness in the world but all the love REAL LOVE. 

Im back

13 de marzo de 2011

I have been very busy, indeed when people think about fashion as something where you just party and have fun. Sorry to tell you, but is not. Behind all that glamour and fun, there is SO MUCH behind, that on later posts I will detail.

As I was busy as I've never been this past february because of fashion week (yes, I know its the lamest excuse for me not sitting and put my ass to blog) today that I have finally time I will do it. 

I can´t blog about fall winter 11 -12 trends , when I haven't even said the musts of this spring. 

So my top 3 for this spring: 

1. Prada
Oh Miuccia , you should be Italia's next Prime Minister (the country might still be a mess but at least  they would all dress impecable )

2. Maxi dress

Marc Jacobs 
Elie Saab
Louis Vuitton 

3. Gucci - Color block obsession
I had a dream ... that my closet was packed from the whole Gucci collection!

Like it?