17 de octubre de 2010

In the fashion world where people are always trying to be noticed and express them selves through what they wear is very hard to express gratitude, compassion but overall love to others. 

Unless we are in pain or in need, we take the chance to consider if the person next to us needs any help, better yet what about those people who might need but we don't even know? How and when can we help others if we are always immersed in our "own world"?

A couple weeks ago I received an invite for an event that as soon as I read it I wanted to R.S.V.P, yes it was a Coach launch party, but this time of a product with a remarkable cause behind. 

Aquí nadie se rinde A.C (Here nobody gives up) is a philanthropic association aimed to help kids who suffer cancer. The origin of the association is so moving it actually made me drop a couple tears.
At age 8 Andrés Pérez Vidales was diagnosed with Leukemia, after 5 years of NEVER GIVING UP of difficult yet enriching experiences he asked his parents to create an organization to “take away the pain” to other kids that as him had gone through the same experiences fighting cancer, that’s how in august 2005 Aquí Nadie Se Rinde, A.C. was born.

For me the most amazing lesson is that Andrés even after what he went through he still cared about others pain, which makes me think, why I never even take a couple minutes in a day to help others? Why is it that we never “take away the pain”? When it actually just takes so little time or effort to make a change.

This amazing organization with the help of Coach (one of my TOP brands which by the way, has just won extra points with me as a client for collaborating in this great cause) and the gorgeous Mexican actress Ana Claudia Talancón had launched a beautiful special Edition bag designed by the actress, only 100 pieces are going to be sold and the 100% of the profits will go to Aquí Nadie Se Rinde, A.C.

So what are you waiting for? Coach besides being one of the must wanted brands for bags in Mexico and worldwide, now offers the chance to be fashion but at the same time help others, what else can we ask for?

Also the link of  Aquí nadie se rinde http://www.anser.org.mx/ if you want to find out more ways of how you can help.

Oh! And before I forget GRACIAS muchas gracias to my stylish sister who attended the event for me (I live at the moment in Italy, she covers me in the fashion agenda of Mexico City) and told me great reviews about it, also to my dear friend Monica Limon who was very kind to invite me to the event. 

At the end happiness is built by little moments of joy

14 de octubre de 2010





Suddenly the sun is gone and you can feel the winter in Milan. With the change of weather comes a certain change of mood, nostalgia I guess. 
When I realized this weather makes me wonder many things, I realized the weather might change, fashion trends as well, but not my mind. I am the type of person who will always be thinking in advance and I’m usually never satisfied, as I always" want to be the best" or the "the number one" but how are those thoughts really helpful as I am always thinking about the future but never enjoying the present? I gradually have to learn to enjoy the present as the future is uncertain and there are no guarantees that indeed it will happen. At the end happiness is built by little moments of joy, that sometimes we let pass by because we are preoccupied of stuff is not in our hands.

So, as the winter is around the corner and need to enjoy every second of it what better than enjoying life in a fashionable way?

Above you will see my picks of coats for this season.

If you have time, please share a note of how can we enjoy the present or how do u enjoy it. 



85% percent of women prefer to wear a dress

7 de octubre de 2010

Yesterday I read a tweet of the Mexican InStyle mag where they asked why if the 85% percent of women prefer dresses we usually wear pants? 

My answers: 

a) We have the wrong concept and associate a dress with formality. 
b) Many times we are not able to properly style a dress. 
c) Have your legs ready for a dress ( SHAVE or WAX them!)
d) We are so used to jeans and denim, that we have forgotten the power and comfort of a dress. 
e) We usually go for one color dresses, we never experiment with prints patterns and cuts. 

So ... 

Here some of  this season hot dresses by some of my favorite designers.

Silk-blend appliqué dress

Wool-tweed and leather dress

Silvia silk-chiffon dress

Abstract-print draped silk dress

I hate rainny days

4 de octubre de 2010







3 de octubre de 2010

Dear blog, 

How you´ve been? Please forgive me for my constant delays in posting something interesting.  I can say you a million excuses such as fashion week, moving to a new house, etc, but the truth is lately I've been just living a day at a time (hahaha but without the not drinking part). 

I know, excuses, excuses, excuses ... ¿How many excuses a day I make? Let me think, when I wake up I make up an excuse to sleep a bit more (who doesn't!), when I have a piece of bread instead of fruit for breakfast ... bam! another excuse for not eating healthy, and so it keeps going till lunch and dinner (haha story of my life) but then how many other excuses we say daily to avoid people or behaviors in order to keep everyone happy? or even worst lie to ourselves .

According to the dictionary excuses are "a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc"  ouch! The definition is hard, mainly because when we say excuses we say them in order for not to offend others, but when you make up an excuse, too late honey! the damage is done, otherwise you wouldn't be making up excuses. 

So my dear blog as I hate people who keep promissing things they'll never do, I rather not make promises to you that I will post more often, I will just only do it when i am able to, NO EXCUSES.