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31 de julio de 2010

I identify what's happening in my life according to the shoes I wear at the time

30 de julio de 2010

Coming back home makes me realize how all my friends have changed, each one took different paths but at the end, its nice to know that even if they are married with kids, others business woman, entrepreneurs, doctors, etc, at the end they are always there to hold your back, and getting back together feels like years haven’s passed by (having fun complaining about men and bitching about others, a ritual).
Even the way we all look, we DEFINITELY improved looks and style. I can’t help but notice how our style has changed and evolved.
It’s my thing to notice what people wear; it’s an addiction, noticing how they express themselves in their clothes. Looking at others makes me also notice about myself, and suddenly realized I identify what's happening in my life according to the shoes I wear at the time.
I remember the hideous platform era when I was around 15, the navy blue moccasins we had to wear with the school uniform, the Coach shoes I wore all the time at College, my crazy Argentinean Ricky Sarkany and Lucila Iotti shoes when I lived in Buenos Aires, and my beautiful Steven by Steve Madden boots I bought in Los Angeles with my second salary (yes, that’s why I cant save money, I spend it on shoes). Definitely, my shoes represent what was happening in my life at the time (How scary if they could talk!), do yours?
With love for all my high school friends, even time has passed, it feels it hasn’t when we are together again.

Mexican people that inspire me to follow my fashion dreams

26 de julio de 2010

To celebrate 1000 visits in less than a month at my beloved new blog(that saved me from boredom during my coxis fracture and gave me the inspiration for my Masters thesis project), I want to dedicate this entry to Mexican people that inspire me to follow my fashion dreams.
According to the dictionary, the definition of proud is “feeling self-respect or pleasure in something by which you measure your self-worth; or being a reason for pride”.

In fashion terms I feel respect for many designers, stylists and editors, but I feel particularly PROUD of two Mexican designers, that besides being talented and having a point of view, they really are ambassadors of Mexican fashion worldwide.
Julia y Renata are sisters, they were born in Guadalajara, starting their brand in 1993, giving contemporary women an alternative of quality yet alternative and creative clothes. They are genius in mixing fabrics and playing with cuts and proportions.
They have conquered difficult markets such as New York (Patricia Field/ The Sex and the City stylist-designer brought part of their first collection) Los Angeles and Madrid, also making appearances in the most prestigious fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Elle and Marie Clare. I had the chance to interview them a while ago for a friend’s design magazine, ( gone to their fashion shows, and trust me, I’ve been around the world checking the fashion scene and this Mexican sisters are really a pair to follow.
Check the pictures and youtube their shows and let me know what you think!
THANK YOU for taking the time of having a look at my blog!
GRACIAS por tomarte el tiempo de ver mi blog!
GRAZIE per dare un'occhiata al mio blog!

Do our shopping habits talk about ourselves?

23 de julio de 2010

I was watching a TV show called you are what you eat, if that is true, Am I big taco walking around?
I got to thinking if we are what we eat, are we also what we buy? In that case I am definitely a big closet full of clothes and shoes I NEED, (at least I felt I needed them when I saw them at the store) do our shopping habits talk about ourselves?
Yes, they do. In my case I am a sale girl, I love bargains, they make me feel I’m clever (even if Im not) and usually when I love something I wait until it comes on sale to buy it, specially the clothes I know will come also next seasons. Even I love fashion, its so rare I buy things by impulse, even if I felt in love the moment I saw them, but I guess that’s my nature to think before I act, and I supposed that is shown in my normal life, I never act by impulse.
One of the best things about summer, are the sales … they are worldwide and you are able to buy that pair of shoes you dreamed of and saw 4 months ago at the department store but u weren’t able to afford.
Make a smart shopping list of the things you really want/need (I usually NEED all I like) and that are worth to be bought on sale, for example:
a) A trench coat and/or jacket
b) A pair of jeans to go out.
c) Designer shoes (stilettos for going out, or a nice pair of flats for the daily life)
d) Little black dress
e) Designer bag
f) The item you felt in love with, but you couldn’t afford (splurge yourself)
Sales are usually over the first week of August, so on your marks, set, go!

Mental baggage

19 de julio de 2010

Why is it that we always regret or never let go things that are really not important at all? Why is it so difficult to move on? It doesn’t necessarily has to be with a boyfriend but can be with your job, friendships, even a certain period of time in your life like college or that “ great year” when you got married, just to mention some examples.
Yes, we all have “mental baggage”, that little fear to open you to the new and unexpected, usually because you just cant let go the past. The past is always helpful but just to take the best from it, to LEARN and try not to make the same mistakes again. If you are always thinking about those great days that are gone, you will always be missing the chance to live the even greater days that are yet to come, they will be greater because you are not the same person you were, you are more experienced person, and that experience will mark the difference in the future.
If you think about it, the things that are in the past that you can’t let go usually are not even important anymore, the only person that keeps thinking about them is you.
The phrase “ You are your best friend and your biggest enemy” can be so true. What side do you usually take? Are you usually your friend or your enemy?
Just a little reflection I’ve had lately since I am scared for what will be next in my life, hope its helpful for you all, and as this is also a fashion blog take a look at this travel bags.

Office look

13 de julio de 2010

I remember those boring days where I had to go to work at Coca Cola´s Corporate offices and the dress code was not said but you weren’t “allowed” to certain stuff.

The reality is that when you work at an office there is an unsaid (or sometimes said) dress code which usually is boring and if you wear something “fashion” your colleagues might stare at you, make jokes, or worst case scenario talk behind your back.

Some tips:

A) Use accessories to personalize your look
• Invest in a good bag, specially if you wear a uniform.
• Earrings, rings, bracelets are a good option for looking different everyday.

B) Find yourself a good hairstylist
• Great hair can make THE difference between looking ok and looking FABULOUS.
• Good hairstyle will make you feel and look better = more confident.

C) Jackets, coats, sweaters are not part of your office uniform, you always you use them and you can bet for a trendy color or cut.

D) Because you have to wear to the knee skirts, they don’t have to be have a boring shape and/or color.
• Try skirts with different prints.
• Spend an afternoon trying the shape skirt that better fits your body type.

E) Pants
• Every season the trend and style of pants change.
• Tip; legging type pants have been fashionable for a couple seasons BUT that trend is changing totally for more loosen up cuts.

F) Shoes!
• They usually make you wear heels or at least you feel you have to wear them, the truth is you look more professional when you wear them.
• Try wearing them at least 3 times a week. They don’t have to kill your feet, maybe at the beginning it might hurt a bit but you will get used to them, little sacrifices to look good (little sacrifices NOT torture!)

Check the pics to get an idea …


Only 10 more days and I can walk again!

My first runway backstage ... (I am using that tittle trying to sound cool)

11 de julio de 2010

Vintage Love

10 de julio de 2010

When I started writing this blog, I never thought how many analogies could be done with fashion and life.
A couple days ago I was talking with one of my best friends, she was telling me about how her ex wanted to get back with her. (Sounds familiar girls?)She suggested me to write about it, but then she told me it couldn’t be done because it had nothing to do with fashion… No? What about vintage? In fashion they are always trends coming back (as that annoying ex boyfriend of yours).
What exactly is vintage in fashion? The term vintage is used to describe clothing, either used or new (from dead stock), which was manufactured in a non-contemporary era. We usually mix the meaning of “ retro” (clothes from the 70´s 80´s) and “antique” (clothes from the 20´s) with vintage.
On the right you’ll see pictures of examples of vintage and retro dresses. What is cool a bout vintage is that you can mix and match with the new trends and as a result have a unique look. Take time to go to vintage or flee markets …You can find the most amazing stuff! Also a good suggestion is to explore your mom or grandma’s closet.
I guess its part of human nature to look back in the past, but my advice with “vintage love” (meaning your ex) is to remember that if it is now vintage is because you considered it didn’t fit with you anymore.
Don’t forget that there is a reason (or many!) why you are not with him anymore, because in life as in fashion when you find that special piece that you love, it doesn’t matter if seasons come and go, you never let it go.
With love to my friend Bea, that thanks to her I met my Italian fashion piece I never want to let go.

My second favorite holiday

8 de julio de 2010

I guess that December holidays are mostly everyones favorite.

I love Christmas (back home is lots of fun, my family is huge we are around 60!) and new years I usually spend it with friends at Cozumel (a beautiful island in the Mexican Caribbean, near Cancun) but recently I discovered there is a new time of the year I love: Milan Male Fashion Week (Milano Moda Uomo), and the best part is it happens TWICE a year!

Even though the main event lasts only 4 days, is so nice to walk around the city, (specially in the Navigli area, where I live) ride the bus or the metro and feel like in a commercial with all kind of gorgeous guys from all over the world lost and asking for directions to find the place where their next casting is going to be.

I love how men would say, “ Yes, they are good looking but gay” … So what! Who cares! And besides, you can’t generalize.
Behind all the glamour, parties and all of the ideas that magazines and movies have made us think about them, at the end they are just regular guys (with the luck of great genes) that leave their families and friends to work and build themselves a better future.

So dear friends, I leave you a video from the backstage of Costume National of last Male S/S 2011 Fashion Week where I worked as a dresser. Marry Christmas! Enjoy! 

¡Ahora ya lo saben!

5 de julio de 2010

Hay algo que me quita el sueño (aparte de que mi novio tenga 4 días sin dar señales de vida) y eso es las injusticias del mundo en el cual tengo que volverme millonaria para comprarme una bolsa Hermès, específicamente una Birkin.

Y ¿Qué es una Birkin?
Es una bolsita de la casa francesa Hermés, inspirada en Jane Birkin.
La leyenda cuenta que Jane Birkin estaba en vuelo rumbo a Paris platicando con el chico sentado a su lado, ella se quejaba de que no le cabían las cosas en su bolso Kelly, en tono de broma diseño una junto a su compañero de vuelo, que era nada mas ni nada menos que el presidente de Hermés que poco tiempo después de lo acontecido envió a casa de Jane el bolso que habían diseñado en el vuelo.

Este lujito cuesta entre $8, ooo dólares y $30, ooo dólares (pero el cielo es el límite porque son hechas a gusto del cliente) y la lista de espera es de alrededor de dos años (según cuentan).

Así que amigas si se preguntaban que regalarme de cumpleaños ... ¡Ahora ya lo saben!

You don't have to wait for Prince Charming to find the perfect shoe that will make you live happily ever after.

3 de julio de 2010

Yes, I consider myself one of those losers that blame Walt Disney for having big expectations on men, I guess I am a romantic and wish I could have my movie love story. I know, that’s a big fat lie and doesn’t really exist except in Walt Disney movies or Mexican soap operas.
So, as we live in the real world, where Prince Charming prefers to go party with his friends, is scared of commitment or he is simply just a man (that makes mistakes and makes u angry) there is a moment that gives you hope, that makes you feel happy (at least it makes me… also to you?) that moment is “FINDING THE PERFECT SHOE” that unique shoe, that looks so good on you, that might be expensive but worth every cent!
As I am a shoe lover I am always looking for new designers and trends.
The following brands I discovered in trips to Buenos Aires, Amsterdam and London (well, through Elle UK). You should check them out … on the left side of this post I uploaded a picture with the three designers latest collection examples.
Don’t be scared of trying something new and be a trendsetter! If Cinderella found the perfect shoe that helped her live happily ever after… why can’t we? And you don’t need a Prince searching around the city for you with the other lost pair.
The first brand is United Nude (marked with the letter A in the picture) by designers Rem D Koolhaas and Galahad Clark.
I discovered them about a month ago in Amsterdam. Very symmetric and architecturally figures, great color playing and really cool store with amazing visual merchandising. The type of store that invites you come in, and once you are in you want to buy everything inside! I would describe it as a cool shoe shopping experience.
Check the link to know more about them and you are able to buy online.
The second brand is Mechante of London by Deborah Lyons (designer).
I discovered her thanks to Elle UK her style is described as clean, bold and with sculptural point of view. I particularly love the combination of color on her latest collection (examples on the left picture letter B)
The third and my favorite is the Argentinean Lucila Iotti.
In my opinion she is a trendsetter, she captures the essence of innovating yet keeping craftmanshift on every piece.
The store located in the trendiest area of Buenos Aires “Palermo” reflects the innovative and particular style of the designer.
Just to mention an example of how talented she is, her shoes appeared on the first Sex and the City Movie.
The shoes are marked with the letter C of the image at the Left.
If you want to check more about her follow the link:
Take a look and let me know what you think about all of them!
Remember buying shoes is an investment; so don’t feel guilty about spending if it’s worth it.

Skinny bitch

2 de julio de 2010

How many diets have I ever done? Around a good 20? You? Have they ever worked?
I lost around 25 kgs a year ago … yeah! As you read! It took me about 6 months but I did it, I was tired of going shopping and never finding something that fits. I love fashion and it was so sad never been able to wear what I wanted to, so one day I took the decision, after being inspired by my friend Dany and a book I bought at the New York JFK airport called “ Skinny Bitch” and many many many bad shopping experiences I decided 2009 was the year I was changing my life.
A year after I realize its wasn’t the most difficult part to loose them, it is not gaining them back! It sounds very cliché but it really is a life style eating healthier.
I know, it sucks, specially when you love to eat crap (chocolates and greasy food) like me. But the feeling of wearing all you want is priceless and worth not eating that extra chocolate cake.
My biggest suggestion is NEVER do it for someone else (boyfriend, friends, etc) DO IT FOR YOURSELF!
Contact me if you want me to send you details about the diet I followed.
Thanks for 100 visits on the first day I started blogging … I am loving it!


1 de julio de 2010

Dear blog,
Today I woke up with this idea: DATING IS LIKE SHOPPING.
After careful consideration I think both activities are really alike.
If you think about it both activities involve around the same time/mind effort and at the end of both you are always hoping you’ll find something that fits! And if you are not sure and you take it anyway home … there is always a return policy!
You can shop at a mall, your city center, online, at exclusive or vintage boutiques (the ex boyfriend, but that is a LONG topic, I need another time to talk about that) it all depends on your mood, your lifestyle and your personality.
As this is a fashion blog, I will just mention some of my favorite places to go shopping in the one’s actually I would love to have a date (with my boyfriend Mr. Visa).

1. Quadrillatero della Moda, Milano
2. Antara Polanco, Mexico City – Mexico
3. Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires – Argentina
4. Fifth Avenue, New York – USA
5. Avenida Presidente Masaryk, Mexico City – Mexico

Dreaming is free!

¿Buenos días?

¿Buenos días? Son las 3 a.m no me puedo sentar porque hace una semana me “resbale” (¡me caí por pendeja!) saliendo de un after party del Fashion Week de guapos (Uomo P/E 2011) en Milán … pero hoy escribo desde casita, donde el clima siempre es bueno y la gente no deja de sonreír: MÉXICO.
Un mes en cama dijo el doctor de urgencias del hospital en Milán … y entre que vivo sola y para calmar a mi madre que estaba muy agobiada, después de 14 horas de vuelo, 10 bolsas de hielo, 4 películas y arreglar con la ayuda de mis amigos en menos de un día todo (hacer maleta, cambiar depa, avisar a la Uni, cancelar un summer internship en Londres y demás tragedias) estoy aquí de vuelta en mi cama, con el coxis fracturado … Ah pero eso si ¡QUE BUENA ESTUVO LA FIESTA!